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The Reytons

Reyt then. I have to write a review of the Reytons because they were part of my inspiration to get Tin tin tin set up after a hiatus from the well-loved Scenester. Now, I am biased – I love this band, but their EP  ‘Alcopops & Charity Shops’ deserves a review. Yorkshire-based, I felt it only fitting, and in homage to the band, that I write the review in true Yorkshire dialect. Not as easy as you think but here goes….spell-check off….

Nah then, I wa sat in’t back of t’car travelling to t’Tramlines festival. Mi mate sed ‘ye gotta check Reytons aat when we get theer – they’re ace. Like Arctic Monkeys but better’. So there I wa, stood in a tent waiting fo’Reytons to appear. ‘Arctic Monkeys?’ I thought as I stood theer watching the crowd get bigger an bigger. ‘Here we go agean – another wannabe Arctic Monkeys’. I thought to mi sen ‘I’m just gunna stand back and wait til I can gu back t’main stage’. Man bouncer person wa gi’in out watter. Wots all that abaat?

Well cocker, I gotta tell ya…they’re nuffin like t’chuffin Arctic Monkeys. In fact ‘Off the Back Burner’ teks mick outta Arctic Monkeys – in a way – “and everyone round here’s got a cousin or mate who’s best friends wi Alex Turner’. That’s as close t’Arctic Monkeys as you’ll get. Don’t believe the hype. These lads are summat else. I wa gonna seh ‘Harrison Lesser’ on their EP is mi favourite but it gets better n better. Their songs are well catchy. You waint be seein em in a tent wiaat getting in to a mosh. Their lyrics are edgy, reyt edgy and proper down t’earth – true Yorkshyre. Does wot it seys on’tin.

Ghost is reyt good but I always skip on to’t next track ‘Please Don’t Call It Time’. A typical song abaat going aat wi’t missus…waiting raand for her to get ready and then bi’t time she’s ready she’s going on abaat being drunk or summat. It’s full of whimsical lyrics – summat you can proper dance to and get carried away wi. Nowt close as perfection. Oh wait….

Low Life. Wot? Yeh, Low Life…this is summat else. I rewind about a billion times. This is perfection. Mad wi a bassline yu can’t get away from. Pounding tha'nose. Uncompromising (get me wi those big words) guitars and an forgettable tune. Superfluous (I’ve dun it agean) end to one of the best EP’s tha’ll ever hear. Nowt wrong wi a bit of Yorkshyre dialect - in fact I luv it from't Reytons. Stick big light on and get it blasting aat.

Get thi sens in t'Reytons and get thi sen t’front o't’stage. Mega.