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Rain In Our Eyes EP

Idealistics are not your typical indie band. Despite difficulties, Ali, the lead singer, is a fighter and proves that even with a life-threatening condition, you can play, record and tour. Knowing this I was ready for some inspiration.

In 2018 they released their first EP “Grades in Ignorance” and played a fundraiser for Love Music Hate Racism. In December 2018. Idealistics received backing from BBC 6 Music’s Steve Lamacq, Radio X’s John Kennedy and many other radio stations. Ali advocates on behalf of artists with disabilities and long-term illnesses trying to improve their chances in the music industry. I reviewed The Idealistics’ latest EP – Rain In Our Eyes.

Starting with a pounding beat and catchy guitar riffs throughout, we hear a refreshing take on what you wouldn’t normally assume from an indie band, ‘My Rules’ is a slower second entry in to the EP after the harder ‘Illegal Love’ but soon turns into a catchy and uplifting melody – again with some intricate guitar solos which creep in nicely. This is turning in to quite a charming and somewhat beguiling listen. If Ali is attempting to create a charismatic approach she certainly isn’t disappointing. I can’t help but wonder how much further she can captivate her audience until I listen to ‘Take Your Words Back’. I can almost transport myself into a muddy field at a festival when I hear this: takes me back to watching Amy Macdonald play at V Festival back in the day. Flags flying, the crowd dodging and dancing around plastic beer cups….great tune! ‘Timeless Goodbyes’ ends the EP. A melodic and slightly melancholic end with lyrics nodding to the title of the EP itself. This is a wonderful end to an enjoyable and invigorating EP which makes it all the more uplifting, humbling and heart-warming to think of why Ali is doing all this for: the people who need it.