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Dead Freedom

Dead Freedom (Johnny A Bedford) is a singer songwriter known best for his signature gruff vocal and dark country blues-style guitar work.

Johnny launched the first single from his self-titled ‘Dead Freedom’ album on September 23rd 2018. The track was recorded Live at the Hive in Leeds and is quickly growing in popularity in the genre of Dark Country. Johnny is now hard at work writing an album called ‘The Last Man’. Tin tin tin had the pleasure of reviewing some of his material

I start with The Last Man and am instantly taken aback. I don’t really know what I was expecting but it certainly wasn’t this. Am I listening to Dead Freedom here? I am wondering if I have clicked on a You Tube video by Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds or, indeed, Dave Grohl. That brusque and rasping tone is remarkable. But no, it’s definitely Dead Freedom that I am listening to. He is certainly a talented guitarist as well as vocalist as I watch him strum the guitar, hair swishing in the wind. The beautiful dark country style is evident and it’s rather hypnotic.

Dead Freedom has been gigging for about 14 years now and has supported Puddle of Mud, John Newman and Toploader. He is well known to BBC Introducing and the BBC Radio Leeds’ Breakfast show too. Not only has he played at Sheffield O2 Academy he has also shown off his talents in local venues such at HMV Leeds where his debut album Standing Tall was promoted. If you ever want to see a captivated audience check out the HMV video on You Tube where he plays ’59 Bound’. Hair cut shorter, he performs a perfect and beautiful recital. What makes it even more splendid is his humble and modest persona that shines through. There’s no escaping that gruff vocal once more and it’s starting to clutch to my ears and plead with them to listen to more

Bad Kind of Man shows off his more gregarious side, with respect to the tune itself. A dark take on a love story: it’s hoarse, husky and deep. His talents as a guitarist are once again prominent – a beautiful musical talent and I can’t help but play this throaty number over and over again. Johnny’s interests, as well as playing music of course, are drinking Jack. Think of a dark country musician playing acoustic and drinking Jack and you’ve pretty much got it imprinted as to what to expect when you see him play live. Absolutely superb.