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Hidden Giants

Focussing on the deep complexities, strife and struggles of modern day living and human frailties, Hidden Giants brings us their newest EP. ‘Foundations’, released on the 20th February 2020.

The human deficiencies and imperfections set the tone of this EP from the outset as ‘Dionne Five’ opens. Some might argue it is melancholic but it also comes through as an elegant depiction of a somewhat disappointed (and dare I say political) view on life, proclaiming the crave to feel that ‘human touch’.

In Hidden Giants’ own words, Dionne Five describes the power that people obtain and develop in order to exploit and control others. Jonathan Moss, of Hidden Giants, admits his fascination with the complexities and dichotomies in human beings. Such weaknesses are drawn out within ‘S.W.A.N’. Some might say a rather pessimistic view of the world but quite the contrary: it seems Moss is allowing people to appreciate that the weaknesses in all of us is ok. Primitive and rather rudimental, it offers an authentic and pioneering outlook on what, actually, many of us shun, yet should observe.

Hidden Giants cross Alt and Indie genres within harmonious melodies in ‘Foundations’. Having formed in 2015, they began their career with their debut EP ‘Flickering Bulbs’. With influences from The Cure, Lana del Ray and Smashing Pumpkins, to name but a few, their sombre, yet mellow and kind songs will undoubtedly resonate and delight.