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Super 8

Super 8 is Paul Ryan - a UK-based singer/songwriter performing and producing original ‘Trippy Toons’ under the band name Super 8. Hot off the press is his latest single BeBopALuLa which Tin Tin Tin had the pleasure of reviewing.

Paul Ryan of Super 8 was somewhat of an enigma to us at first. His review request came through to us with ‘I hope you dig it’ and a link. That’s it. Simple, straight to the point. Watching the video to the new single, this simple yet charismatic and approachable style comes through once again. As a guitarist, Paul is almost entirely self-taught and plays by ear to create his masterful songs. His guitar work draws inspiration from many bands although I hear the Beatles protrude mostly here - and I sense an overtone of Nirvana too. It’s cool.

The sound is one which takes me back to Stealers Wheel at first and then, wow, the first line of ‘I’ve got a Northern soul’ gets me hooked. Now, I am biased, yes, but we’re on the same page already.

Paul claims he loves ‘melodies and harmony’ and BeBopALuLa certainly provides that harmonious and happy rhythm back to the listener. Super 8 claim their genre crosses Hip Hop, Non-Stop and Folk-Rock. Aside from Hip Hop, each of these aspects sparkle through in their single. Even the video is ‘non-stop’: a girl dances throughout – even upside-down, thanks to Oben/Unten film footage. The quirky style of, not just the video or the song itself, but the artist himself, is delivered beautifully.

Check out Super 8’s Facebook page – he’s everywhere and is certainly getting the recognition he deserves with the array of accolades going to prove Super 8’s talent. BeBopALuLa is carefree and fanciful, delightful and just splendid.