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They’re ‘Down South but Up North’. This is Shades.

Shades is a rap artist from Bradford, West Yorkshire. In 2018 he released his first mix-tape named ‘Encore’ and from then continued to record and produce with collaborator rapper HD. From then, they have been recording and producing music under the name of ‘Poetic Justice’. Apt name, really, as much of the music draws connotations to ‘justice’ – ‘Don’t Know What to Say’ a benchmark example to this.

After having reviewed rap artists in the past, I find Shades less-edgy, less agitated and more accessible. Whether that’s a virtue is yet to be determined but with new material such as ‘Stick Like Glue’, which collaborates with Space Cadet , we see true testament to this style in over 5000 streams on Soundcloud. Shades are doing something right.

Having been active on Soundcloud only since July, they have seen almost 30,000 streams of their music. This year, Shades signed their first record deal with Phoenixx Records. Northern rap with Northern grit – check them out!