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Lewis Jack Inman

Interview with Lewis Jack Inman


- You were part of the band, Fossilz, a few years ago. What happened?

Yeah I was and it was a good time! But it just naturally came to end as life started getting in the way more with work, other commitments and opportunities which just then took up more time which slowly led to us disbanding. We’re all friends still though and in future releases I’m hoping to feature the lads as we have such a great music connection.

- How has your music changed since starting up as a solo artist?

More melodic and experimental. Since I’m not in a genre focused band now on my own I get to mix up more of my influences into my own sound which is fun, like my first album I’d say was like Alternative Folk Rock and now my new EP coming out is delving more into the Rock side with only a little of the Folk influence coming through. So I’d say it’s quite progressive as with each release I like to take strengths from the previous and then try to blend it into a new sound I want to develop. -

- Your new EP ‘Reflection’ is out next Friday. What can we look forward to in this new EP?

It’s more upbeat and a full sound this EP. My first album was more mellow and recorded quite stripped back however with this EP it has more of a rock theme and it’s quite upbeat in that style. When recording this I went more heavier into the production like layering multiple guitars, using synthesizers, more vocal harmonies and even using an organ in the last track which fit in surprisingly well. So this EP has a lot more energy pumping through it than the previous releases and I hope whoever listens enjoys this new sound I’m currently working with.

- Where do you draw your inspiration from? 

When I write songs I don't really have a goal or aim, I always do the music first on my guitar then depending on how it sounds wether happy or sad I'll just sit and write whatever comes to my head first and try build from each line. There have been some songs I've looked back on though and been able to relate it to an experience from my life but at the time I haven't realised I was being influenced whilst writting it. For my musical influence John Frusciante and Swans have been an influence for the genres I listen to and experiment with.

- Performing solo, what has been your most memorable gig to date and where can we check you out next?

I’d probably say the headline set I did at Jock’s Cavern in Wakefield this year, for a January gig it had a decent sized crowd who gave a good reaction and they were great to communicate with in between songs. My next gig would have been in Leeds in May however due to the ongoing lockdown situation this has now been postponed, So as soon as I know when that will be taking place I will post an update on my Facebook page.

- Apart from your own music, of course, what are you listening to at the moment?

Recently I have been shuffling Pixies and electronic playlists on my Spotify. I’m really into the sound of the Pixies first two albums at the moment which I can see that style probably having an influence on my future releases. With the electronic I listen to a mix of old school Acid House to Modular Synthesizer music, Since the majority of the music I listen to is bands it’s just nice to change it up every now and then listening to these sounds.

- Describe your genre of music for anyone that hasn’t checked you out yet.

I would probably call it Alternative Progressive. My sound is mainly a mix of alternative rock and folk styles but I’m always trying to push and develop my sound with each release. I just hope people enjoy and I aim to show progression through my songs and production.

- If you had the chance to play with anyone at any venue who would it be and where?

I would love to do a show with John Frusciante at Red Rocks in Colorado. To play a show with that guy would be mental but also Red Rocks is such a beautiful outdoor venue!

- Give me 3 final last words

... Support Unsigned Music.