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Super 8

Super 8 Interview

- You make ‘Trippy Toons’ - tell us more about what we can expect to hear when we listen to Super 8’s music.

The 'Trippy Toons!' thing is a pun on Warner Bros. 'Looney Tunes!' I guess. In a way it seems to sum up this quirky music I make. A lot of folk refer to me as 'Trip' and these tunes I write can on occasion get a bit loony sounding!

- You’re a self-taught musician - where do you get your inspiration from to continue recording and playing music?

Good question! As a rule I don't actively sit down to write a song. They just sort of come to me - it's weird! I can be wandering around just minding my own business then "BANG!" a section of a song (or, on a good day, a fully-formed song!) will just pop into my head. The difficult bit when this happens (and it seems to happen A LOT of late!) is the scrabble to try & capture the idea before I lose it!

- How has your music evolved and where do you see it going in the future?

I like to leave myself open to stuff. I don't write to any particular style or specific genre. I try to let each song tell me where it wants to go so I can end up with quite a mixed bag musically (often all in one song!) which I suppose has become the SUPER 8 signature sound. Because I'm self-taught I've never learned any rules where music-making is concerned so, if I break any, I'm oblivious. (And if I had been formally trained then, knowing me, I'd probably want to break the rules anyway!) To be honest, I actually like the fact that I don't really know what I'm doing most of the time! It means every song is a challenge and a new adventure for me. Every album I undertake is like starting from scratch in a way! That's what keeps me on my toes and inspired, I guess.

- What are you listening to right now?

I'm a bit self-absorbed of late I have to admit! I'm predominantly listening to all the tracks for the forthcoming SUPER 8 album. Let's just say it's all a bit full on as I have a very definite deadline which appears to have snuck up on me! (To the extent that this week alone, I've written two new songs from scratch, mixed another five, and have one more to write then mix this coming weekend before I can say I'm done!) This next album will be called 'Head Sounds' and I'm beginning to feel pretty pleased with how it's shaping up so, yeah, keep an ear to the track for it! It'll be coming out on FAB new record label 'Subjangle'. (The new home of the following great acts: 'The Lost Ships'; 'The Hannah Barberas'; 'The Late Pioneers'; 'Alpine Subs'; 'The Umbrella Puzzles'; 'Space Dingus' and new signings 'Night Heron' - check them out!)

- Music is evidently your life. When you have time to do something else what is that something else?

I'm a bit of a studio hermit these days and am aware I've been burning that midnight musical oil more than usual on the run up to this next album. When I'm not immersed in musical projects (Oops! I've just remembered I have another one coming up on the near horizon with the fabulous, true 'Californian Girl' Lisa Mychols! We're doing an EP together that'll be coming out at some point this year) but, yeah, where was I? When I'm not up to my ears with music, I like to read ... music biographies (LOL!) I've become pretty obsessed when it comes to reading music bios I have to admit. I'm currently reading both John Lydon's and Phil Collins' life stories. Of course, recording aside, I always like to make sure I take time out to catch a good movie, go for long walks & share a bottle of wine with my good lady on a regular basis! 

- We’d like to hear you perform live - do you any upcoming gigs?

Because I perform & record pretty much everything myself, I find the whole 'live' performance thing quite problematic. On record, SUPER 8 can sound like a band but it's really just me, myself & I. There's a lot of multi-tracked layers to my music, which usually requires repeat listens before the penny drops and folk 'get it'! Putting my music into a live context hasn't really worked so well for me on the few occasions I have tried. I can only physically play one instrument at a time and I don't really think I do my songs justice when I try to tread the boards. I feel these home-grown records I make are really the best platform available to me for showcasing my music.