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October Drift

October Drift Interview


- Forever Whatever is out now - how does it feel to have released your debut album following the many EPs and singles and how has it been received?

It feels great, we’ve been making music together since we were kids and the album really is the fruit of our lives to date. It’s been received far better than we expected! maybe its our mindsets or maybe its a survival tactic but we’re mostly prepared for the worst case scenario! We’re delighted as many people have got into the album and came to see us on the album tour. We’re working on the follow up now.

- Give us one word to describe October Drift One word?

Thats hard. Passionate?

- You have built quite a reputation of delivery high energy performances. What is your most memorable gig to date and why?

Quite a few stand out for good and bad reasons! I’ll be go with a good reason this time - playing the John Peel stage at Glastonbury in 2017 is probably still my most memorable gig, was an absolute dream come true. The slot was arguably deserving of a much more established band and it was by far the biggest gig we had done at the time. We were all pinching ourselves.

- How has your music transformed since starting your career many years ago?

It’s got heavier over the years, we started up as more of a conventional indie band but we’ve slowly veered into the rock world a bit more. Was a big turning point when i bought a big muff fuzz pedal many moons ago! Nowadays we all have multiple distortions and fuzz pedals all stacked to get the thickest sound we can. We understand more the way we want to sound and how to achieve that. Having said that we owe a lot of the way the album sounds to Justin Lockey from Editors who recorded it and nailed the raw ‘band in a room’ sound we captured.

- You have been described as ‘an enigma’ and ‘slightly ambiguous’ in the past - how do you think your music has been received to create such characteristics?

Well I think theres a few factors that contribute to that. When we started out as October Drift in 2015 we decided to do the opposite of what was considered essential and have no social media. We put out a few tracks and sold out some little gigs on word of mouth alone, which was cool! After a while it started holding us back so we begrudgingly launched social media. Back then we also hadn’t clarified where the band was from, we had strong ties with Sheffield and Doncaster in the early days and we saw reviews and features claiming we were from Sheffield, Doncaster, Exeter, Bristol and London. Actually being from Taunton itself has meant we have never been part of any scene so we’ve always been outsiders in a sense. Being part of no scene as such has also shaped our sound I think, taking bits from here and there but not easily pigeon holed.

- What are you listening to right now?

I’m listening to the first Neds Atomic Dustbin album while writing this interview! Just recently I’ve been listening to Bill Ryder-Jones, Hamilton Leithauser, REM, Sufjan Stevens and Ezra Furman. Check out White Tail Falls too, we’re on the same label and he’s put out some beautiful songs. We’ve sneakily heard the unreleased album and its a stunner.

- What’s your secrets to success that other upcoming bands can take heed of?

I'm not sure we hold any secrets to success. But i would suggest finding joy in the little things - enjoy the ride, the highs and lows and expect it to be a long one. Make friendships, don’t burn bridges, watch the other bands! Try not to compare your achievements to the achievements of others too much - try and better yourself rather than better someone else.

- What have been your key inspirations to the music we hear from you today?

Theres heaps and we take inspiration from all over the place but I would say Nirvana has been key from day one, along with The National, Smashing Pumpkins, Radiohead.

- Does the future look bright for October Drift? What do we have to look forward to?

Well the whole world is up in the air at the moment with the coronavirus situation, but we’re streaming online gigs and putting out videos and sessions on our socials so keep an eye out for that. We’re also planning on touring in the Autumn (dates and tickets available at www.octoberdrift.co.uk) and will be putting new music out. We haven’t got the details but we’ll be making album two as soon as possible.