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Lewis Jack Inman - Blind Eye EP

Having interviewed Lewis previously here at Tintintin, we were excited to review the eagerly anticipated EP 'Blind Eye'.

Previously part of the band 'Fossilz', Lewis decided to go solo with a more melodic offering, drawing on many of his inspirations and influences from the likes of Swans and John Frusciante, to name a few.

The title track 'Blind Eye' establishes Lewis' new EP with a euphonious display of seemingly darker undertones coming through the lyrics with echoes of disappointment about government and administrative regime - a potential take on injustice here which hides behind some beautiful notes. A heavier 'Destructive Beauty' follows with a pursuit on Lewis' story of subdued discontent and chagrin. Although the lyrics follow the vein of such disappointment, the tunes are memorable and the production masterful. It reminds me of earlier work by Kieran Leonard.

'The Sun is Dead' strikes a folk chord as Lewis takes us on a journey, deeper into Blind Eye. The combination of alt rock and folk, here, is delightful against a backdrop of hopeful melancholy until we hear a heavier, more upbeat 'What Am I To You'. Probably my least favourite track on the EP but a refreshing insight into Lewis' ability to amalgamate and divert direction whilst still captivating his audience.

From the outset, The Breeze welcomes us back to the more gentle, melodic offerings that we have come to love from Lewis. It's hard not to fall in love with the romanticised guitar strums throughout this conclusive arrangement. One of reflection, The Breeze gives us that gentle, yet persuasive and thoughtful ending to the EP. A persuasion maybe of re-thinking and recollecting on life. If this is what Lewis' ambition is to fulfil as part of his music, he hasn't disappointed thus far.