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- For those who don’t know you, tell us who you are and how you got started?

We are Niall on rhythm guitar and vocals, Mike on lead guitar, Jake on bass and Chris on drums. Niall and Mike have been writing music together for decades and knew Chris from other bands having gigged together previously. Niall and Mike's band Inexitus had been split up for about 4 years before they decided to start recruiting for a new project. Chris was in a band called Fatality up until late 2019 when he left to take a break from music. Niall got in touch with Chris for a jam and he was recruited. New music written and struggling to find a bassist an ad was put out, which is when Jake answered the call, came along for a practice and was also recruited. With a full line up secured, we're ready to show the masses what we've got.

- Where does ‘Regicide’ originate - any stories behind the name?

Just like "suicide" means killing oneself, or "genocide" means killing a race, "Regicide" means to kill a king. With our stick it to the man approach and do or die attitude, we considered the name fitting.

- How would you describe your music and where do you draw your influences from?

Niall and Jake are very much more into classic metal whereas Chris and Mike are more so into modern stuff. We all enjoy the music we create, it's not just your typical metalcore that everyone seems to be writing these days. It still sticks to the roots of heavy metal and keeps your head banging all night!

- Your new single came out yesterday. Tell us what we can expect.

Our new debut single "Unified Strength" is out Saturday 19th June! Be excited for it! The video will blow your socks off and the song will have you tearing up wherever you're listening from!

- Where have you performed live before and can we check you out playing live again anytime soon?

Regicide has yet to play a show. We have all been in many previous bands before and have played any and all local venues you could imagine. Being a band rising from the ashes of Covid-19, we are currently arranging some dates so that we can bring you the heat live on stage and meet you all.

- What do you enjoy listening to yourselves? What’s currently on your own playlists?

For Jake it has recently been a bit of Type O Negative, Niall is a massive Motorhead fan but recently he's been into LIK, I'm pretty sure Mike has been listening to the new release from Slaughter to Prevail, and ever since our music video for "Unified Strength" was finished and sent over to us, that's what Chris has been unable to stop watching!

- What’s the single best thing about being a musician?

It has to be enjoying the moment, rocking out on stage and losing yourself in the music. Connecting with people through music just has to be one of the best feelings on this planet.

- There are lots of new and upcoming acts out there. What advice would you give to those starting out and wanting to make a career out of music?

Enjoy yourself. Not just in music, but in everything you do. Otherwise you can never be great.

- Essex is a breeding ground for talented musicians. How do you cut through and make a name for yourselves in such a fierce industry?

I guess we just have to show the people what we've got and if people enjoy what we create then we've smashed our goal! - Where are you hoping to be over the next five years and what more can we expect from Regicide? We hope to be rocking out with you guys for years to come, to meet you all and share our love for metal and just to enjoy ourselves - because ultimately that's what it's all about!